Marco Mascorro Founder, CEO & CTO

With 8+ years experience in robotics, Marco worked previously with BMW, Rolls-Royce and MINI, Singularity University, as well as in Japan to develop humanoid robots for rescue and exploration.

James Fahn_300x300.2
James Fahn Founder

Studied at Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Science and Technology of China, James was a former Teaching Fellow of AI and Robotics at Singularity University and has 8+ years of experience in robotics and supply chain management.

EythorBender-fellowrobots-300x300 v2 sized
Eythor Bender Associate Founder & Business Development

Coming from a background in robotics & bionics, Eythor was the CEO and President of three robotic companies, Ekso Bionics & Rex Bionics and Ossur. He is the current CEO of UNYQ and a member of the Faculty at Singularity University.

Dan Barry Founder, Engineer

Dan’s background is in medicine and electrical engineering.  He has seven patents, over 50 articles in scientific journals, has served on two scientific journal editorial boards, and occasionally left the planet.  He has built and programmed a wide range of robots, primarily focused on assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Thavidu Ranatunga CIO

Formerly with IBM, Microsoft and Groupon, Thavidu has more than a decade of experience in programming, software and mechatronics. He was ranked in the top 10 in the Australian Informatics Olympiad.

YEBAN SHIN Lead Designer

With a background in Industrial design from California College of the Arts, Yeban joined Fellow Robots as lead designer.

Daniel Tang Mechanical Design

With a background from National University of Singapore, Daniel helps on the mechanical structure design of the robots.

Utkarsh Sinha
Utkarsh Sinha Robotics Engineer

A recent graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a background in robotics, Utkarsh joined Fellow Robots to work on autonomous navigation and other software development projects.

Sivapriya Kaza Computer Vision Engineer

Graduated from University of Georgia, Georgia with MS in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She has 3 years of experience in computer vision and pattern recognition. Priya leads the Computer Vision robotics division.

Andrew Wang Electrical Engineer

After graduating from Purdue University with an electrical engineering degree, Andrew worked for Motorola right in his home town on their Displays Design team. Andrew also worked with Sony Ericsson on mobile PC cellular products and for defense contractors to the US government.